Funerals stopped in Austrian town because of Ransomware Attack

According to officials from Korneuburg in Austria, a ransomware attack has affected the municipality. This resulted in the cancellation of funerals and a notice from the town hall stating that staff can only be contacted by telephone.

The cozy Danube-side village situated just a few kilometers above Vienna boasts a population of less than 13,000. According to an announcement on the town’s official website, their technical team is diligently addressing the issue and ensuring the protection of their data.

As per media sources, the recent ransomware incident has impacted all administration data, including the backup system. Officials have acknowledged receiving a demand for extortion.

According to the deputy mayor of the council, Helene Fuchs-Moser, “Everything is dead. We are unable to produce registration forms, death certificates, or transfer bills.” This statement was reported by local newspaper Mein Bezirk.

According to Noen, a local publication, funeral services have been halted due to the unavailability of death certificates. Many countries have a requirement for funeral directors to obtain this certificate prior to conducting burials or cremations.

Last week on February 2, Christopher Kremlicka, the IT manager at the town hall, uncovered the attack during the night.

Kremlicka recounted receiving an unexpected email alert about unusual activity in our data area. Without hesitation, they promptly investigated and discovered that all data was encrypted.

It was stated by officials that the incident and extortion attempt had been reported to the police.

According to Noen, Fuchs-Moser is taking charge of the matter in the mayor’s absence and has stated that the administration will not make any payments under duress.

According to Fuchs-Moser, the IT team had recently ensured the security of the town hall’s systems in December. “We received certification that everything was secure. Sadly, criminals are always one step ahead.”

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